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Designer, Maker, Friend. #foodie.   Currently living in San Francisco and was in New York before for 12 years. People often ask me which city is better?  It's hard to compare because both cities are unique in its own way.  If I have to describe how I feel about these two cities, I would say living in NY feels like I'm dating someone who's crazy, I LOVE IT AND HATE IT.  SF feels like I'm with someone who's positive, comfortable and nothing much to complain about.  I am currently working as the head of Design at BuildZoom.  Co-Founder of The UpStanding Desk and father of @cocombear . Graduated at MFA SVAIXD.  I am a strong believer that a good design has strong and clear communication for the users. I focuses not only on the surface of the designs, but intends to design products which have functions that create small improvements for everyday life.





a+a(architecture & art)《建筑知识》

Case Da Abitare, Italy

Bazaar, Korea (2011)

Vision, China (2011)

On Time, US (2011)