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Designer, Maker, Friend. #foodie.   Recently moved to San Francisco from New York ( after living in NY for 11 years). People often ask me which city is better?  I can't compare because both cities are unique in its own way.  If I have to describe how I feel about these two cities, I would say living in NY feels like I'm dating someone who's crazy, I LOVE IT AND HATE IT.  SF feels like I'm with someone who's positive, comfortable and nothing much to complain about.  I am currently working as the head of Design at BuildZoom.  Co-Founder of The UpStanding Desk and father of @cocombear . Graduated at MFA SVAIXD.  I am a strong believer that a good design has strong and clear communication for the users. I focuses not only on the surface of the designs, but intends to design products which have functions that create small improvements for everyday life.





a+a(architecture & art)《建筑知识》

Case Da Abitare, Italy

Bazaar, Korea (2011)

Vision, China (2011)

On Time, US (2011)