Data Visualization, UX/UI, Strategy


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Project.

This 3 week data visualization project was developed for a workshop with the Metropolitan Transit Authority(MTA). Our main focus was to transfer raw data into valuable information that could enable board members make more informed decisions. We focus specifically on providing  a snapshot of the 42nd Grand Central station.


Annually, over 36.5 million passengers travel through the Grand Central Station making it one of the busiest stations nationwide. How can harnessing big data enable the MTA to better communicate to it’s internal key members serve its community?

Effy Zhang, Nga Nguyen and I with Rachel Abrams guidance prototyped an interactive web application that reveals a snapshot of the 42nd Grand Central station. Provided 3 ½ years of raw data they analyzed and synthesized into a design language that helps articulate a meaningful story to MTA stakeholders and broad audiences. The design allowes the audience to quickly visualize unique card users, the ebb and flow of traffic and how significant events can impact the MTA network. Our big take-away from the Grand Central Station profile is that MTA system it is a living, breathing eco system that changes dynamically in response to seasons and different users.




"We get a firehose of data that is static and black and white."

- Andrew Albert, MTA Board member 


Design Processes

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