Moonly Interactive Light

Physical Computing, Arduino,Interaction


Moonly is one of a kind hanging light fixtures. Made of transparent paper. It moves down when it senses motion under the lights and moves back up when there is not any motion. People can interact with the motion and intensity of Moonly. The lights can also senses the sound changing in space and reacts with different brightness. The louder the environment is, the brighter the light becomes. Moonly is designed to spark communication between the audience and the environment in any public spaces.

Main component:

- Addressable led strip, sound sensor, distance sensor, step motor, arduino leonardo.

How it works:

1. Distance sensor detects the distance between the audience and the light, then send the data to the arduino. Then the arduino sends a command to step motor, the motor starts spinning, pulling the light up or down.

2. Sound sensor detects vibration in the environment, then ardurino translates the sound’s pitch into RGB value.


2014-01-21 07.13.32.jpg
2014-01-21 08.32.07.jpg